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We serve Producers, DPs, and Photographers

Producers and creatives alike value our efficient approach to lighting services. We are grateful to have worked with some of the most prolific and talented creative people in the motion picture, television, and advertising industries. Many of our clients work with us year after year, and hail from all over the world. We also work with commercial photographers and have done many jobs with overseas car brands who come to California to shoot on location.

Lighting Equipment

All new ARRI M-Series HMIs: M90, M40, M18, M8
Joker 5600K HMI PARs: 800w, 400w, 200w
ARRI T24, T12, T5, T2, T1, ST1, 650w, 300w, 150w

New ARRILITE Series including 750 plus and 2K Open Face

We also carry an extensive inventory of ETC Source4s, Dedolights, Spacelights, and more.

We carry a large inventory of Kino-Flo fixtures including the Image series, Mega series, Barflys, 4-banks, Double-banks, Single-banks, Mini-flo, and accessories.
ARRI LED series including L-10C, L7-C, L5-C, and S-30C and S-60C SkyPanels.
We also carry LED products from Kino-Flo, LiteGear, LitePanels, Quasar Science, and more.

Grip Equipment

20×20, 12×20, 12×12, 8×8, 6×6
We carry a large assortment of rags including greenscreen, silent grid cloth, and solids.

Everything from roadrunners, runway, combos and grip combos, hi-rollers, c-stands, beefy babies, and more.

An assortment of 4’x4′, 2’x3′, and 18″x24″
We carry speedrail and couplings, as well as all kinds of rigs such as menace arms, and more.

Other Equipment

Dimmer Packs
12K standalone, 10K, 5k, 2k, 1k, 650w dimmers
Distro boxes, lunch boxes, cam-lock cable, bates cable, stingers

Splitters, Adapters, tie-in kits

Hoodmounts, hostess trays, and various suction mount components
Diffusion and Color Gels, Duveteen, Foamcore, Beadboard, Lumber, Plywood, Tape, Sash Cord, and of course, C-47s.
We can provide anything from Honda EU series “putt-putts” to towable units – up to 500Amp units can be towed by our Sprinter trucks.


We Love ARRI

ARRI Lighting leads the industry with best-in-class fixtures and features. We carry a large array of ARRI products. Check out the M-series lamps for serious “punch.”

ARRI L-Series

The ARRI L-Series is the first LED fixture to truly incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field.


ARRI SkyPanels are some of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. The SkyPanel ‘C’ (Color) versions are fully tuneable; color temperature is adjustable between 2,800 K and 10,000 K, with excellent color rendition.

Quasar Science

With the innovative Q-LED X and R, the options are endless. Stack lamps into large arrays to form LED panels of tremendous size and proportion. Light backings with unprecedented energy efficiency. String overhead above diffusions for the perfect sky. We carry these Kino-fixture-compatible, self-ballasted, dimmable LED lamps.


LITE GEAR’s S2 LiteMat is set to define the next generation of LED lighting fixtures for Cinema, TV, and HD video. S2 LiteMat will change the way you light. It’s thin, lightweight, and is available in five sizes with Hybrid (bi-color) Kelvin temperature.  We love working with this local Burbank, California company!

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Don’t Forget the Distro!

We’ve got all the distro you may need to run your set lighting efficiently. Let us know if we can help you put together a list to support the fixtures and set you will be working with. We also provide generators.

You can count on Express!

for competitive pricing, personal service, and the best equipment